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Please note that the deadline for filing your claims in the capital investor model proceedings is 18 September 2023 and that you must be represented by a lawyer. The damage must be calculated and substantiated with the application. This requires a certain processing time with us. If you cannot meet this deadline:

After this deadline, the claims can still be brought in individual actions. Please note here that there is a risk of limitation by 31.12.2023.

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The Munich I Regional Court issued a referral decision for model proceedings (KapMuG, Musterverfahren) on this matter. The model proceedings are among others directed against Dr Markus Braun and Ernst & Young GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft. 

The further course of
proceedings is as follows:

The courts decision will be published, and the Bavarian Supreme Regional Court (BayObLandesG) will thereupon open the model case and appoint a leading leading plaintiff. Theoretically, any submitted lawsuit can be designated as the leading lawsuit. The law firm MATTIL also represents many of the aggrieved parties and is filing a large number of lawsuits that include all of the investigative findings known to date. With the announcement of the model case by the Bavarian Supreme Court in the register of actions (Klageregister), a 6-month period begins within which a claim can be filed by MATTIL in writing with the Bavarian Supreme Court for the model case; for this purpose, the KapMuG stipulates a compulsory appointment of a lawyer. ​​​​​​​ 


How exactly will the Wirecard - KapMuG - proceedings unfold?

Generally, in a German civil case, two litigating parties face each other, plaintiff and defendant However, the KapMuG makes an exception to this rule. In special cases, it allows for a "bundling" of parallel proceedings and their uniform decision in model proceedings. The KapMuG dates from 2005 and was then partially revised. The new version (KapMuG 2012) entered into force on 1 November 2012.

The KapMuG is applicable in proceedings for damages due to false, misleading or omitted public capital market information. If such information is used or if a required clarification is omitted, proceedings under the KapMuG can also be initiated. 

The proceedings are instituted at the request of the plaintiff or defendant. The applicant must show that the decision in the model case could have significance beyond the individual legal dispute for other similar legal disputes.  


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News about Wirecard

Learn about current and important information on the Wirecard insolvency in the following section.


Start of Wirecard class action

The Capital Investor Model Case (KAPMuG) in the Wirecard matter against Ernst & Young, Dr. Markus Braun et al. has been opened.

On March 13, 2023, the Bayerische Oberste Landgericht appointed Dipl.-Kfm. Kurt Ebert (represented by MATTIL) as the leading plaintiff in the Wirecard model proceedings pursuant to Section 9 KapMuG.

The representative of the plaintiff will be law firm MATTIL, Munich, which represents a large number of affected investors.

Law firm MATTIL has already successfully conducted several proceedings under the KApMuG, including KAP 1/07 and disposes of major experience.

The leading plaintiff acquired securities of Wirecard AG in reliance on the attestations of the defendant Ernst & Young Wirtschaftsprüfungs GmbH and the alleged success story of Wirecard AG and suffered considerable damage in the process. In the test case, all circumstances justifying a claim for damages will now be examined and uniformly decided on the basis of his case as an example.

Injured investors of Wirecard AG have six months from the publication of the decision in the Federal Gazette to file their claims in the model proceedings at affordable cost.


The 11th calendar week started on a spectacular note with two important new developments for the injured investors affected by Wirecard AG: The Munich Public Prosecutor's Office has brought charges against Markus Braun and two other defendants, and the Munich I Regional Court has issued a referral order for model proceedings (KapMuG).

The charges (allegation: professional market manipulation, accounting fraud, gang fraud, etc.) will be examined by the responsible Economic Criminal Division and will presumably be admitted to the main hearing in the next few months. Additional accused are still being investigated, according to the public prosecutor's office.


Attention: The liquidator has indicated in the creditors meeting on 18.11. that many claims have been filed invalidly and void, when requirements of formality and reasoning were not met. A unsufficient lodging of a claim does not stop a running limitation !
Better take advice of MATTIL in order to avoid further damages.


Structured products Wirecard:

Many of the victims of Wirecard are not  bond or share holders, but had purchased structured products as Bonds of other issuers with underlying Wirecard, cerificates, warrants and others.
Is there a way to claim compensation for these losses as well? Law Firm Mattil is convinced that we can include those claimants in our collective action against Wirecard Management, Supervisory board, EY and Moodys, maybe more responsibles. Our claim is based on a special german regulation that punishes not only a fraud committed to individuals but to the public. § 264 a STGB ( penal code ) condemns all responsible offenders to compensation for losses that have evoked from misleading prospectus, false public information etc.
For further questions please revert to us at any time.

25. 08. 2020

The insolvency proceeding of Wirecard AG  has been opened by the court on 25th august.

The court has set a deadline for filing your claim to 26.october.

As a shareholder you are entitled to claim your losses in this proceeding.

Your claim for compensation is based on suspect of fraud and violation of financial market information .

We offer you to submit  your claim that has to be reasoned and justified.

We expect a dividend in this proceeding , therefore we recommend this submission of your claim .


Please return the power of attorney that you have already received .


Following the shocking news of the past few days, a renewed outcry has been heard in the press: parent company Wirecard AG today filed for insolvency; according to the company, it is still being examined whether this is also necessary it's subsidiaries

Press releases
about the Wirecard insolvency


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Your claims

What claims can you raise assert against Wirecard?

During the insolvency proceedings you can file your claims and hope that there will be a certain quota left for you. Insolvency proceedings rarely last less than 10 years, so the final loss can only then be quantified. We have seen insolvency proceedings that lasted 14 years and resulted in a quota of zero for the investors. The problem: claims for damages against the management, initiators, founders, auditors, etc. are subject to a limitation period of 3 years from the time when the breach of duty becomes known (i.e. usually from the time of insolvency). These 3 years pass quickly.

Claims for damages may be asserted against persons who founded or managed the company or supported and confirmed its business activities, e.g. by auditions. We will examine the prerequisites and prospects of success of a liability for you and, if applicable, enforce it.

Liability of Supervisory Board and other controlling bodies

Where supervisory boards and other controlling bodies are in place, the extent to which they are subject to liability as additional responsible persons with controlling and monitoring duties shall be examined. MATTIÖL examines to what extent the investor is entitled to direct claims for damages against this group of persons.

MATTIL is also reviewing claims for damages against the auditors of Wirecard AG, who issued an unqualified audit certificate for 2018 in Apr 2019. At that time, press reports about manipulations and fictitious sales were already reported. The law firm MATTIL has repeatedly and successfully sued auditors in other scandal cases.

Claims for damages may also exist against supervisory boards which also have a far-reaching supervisory duty (e.g. OLG Düsseldorf I-9 U 14/08). We will take our time to thoroughly examine these claims and, as soon as sufficient evidence is available, pursue them.

In many comparable cases, we have successfully enforced claims for damages, e.g. against auditors, trustees, managing directors and founders of capital investment models. Also the first successful capital investor sample procedure after the KapMuG was led by the Kanzlei MATTIL (KAP1/07 of 30.12.2011).

What is the procedure?

Explained step by step

Learn more about the procedure

Our lawyers help you to secure and enforce your claims

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If your insurance company is willing to cover financial losses incurred, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you on the appropriate measures to be taken in such a situation.

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